Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Painting: The new Citadel paints

We all make fun of GW being the big bad corporate monster of the wargaming world, but then a lot of us started with GW games when we were young, and they do occasionally make a product that I still want to play. (Space Hulk, Dreadfleet is definitely something I want to look at and I've been resisting the charms of Lord of the Rings for many years now!)

But now, they may finally have released something that will mean I pour more money into the GW machine!
Being in Hong Kong, we have a dearth of Local Gaming Stores, in fact, we have one... Which stocks Vallejo and GW paints, most of the time, I use Vallejo paints, but I've had issues with Vallejo paints sinking to the bottom and forming a congealed block I can't squeeze out.

And also, starting out with GW paints, I still have a preference of "painting off the lid". So I am very interested in the new Citadel paints.

I will post a review of the new paints as soon as they become available in my LGS.
But the review found on other parts of the web appear promising:

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