Friday, 7 October 2011

Cold War Gone Hot: Starting World War 3...

I've always found Wargaming to be the perfect excuse and outlet for my creative writing, unlike short stories and novels however, I can happily type up a few quick scenarios and let my friends and I come up with an ending.

The RPG enthusiast in me also prefers there to be a story behind the game, I find being part of a grand campaign and having other factors at stake brings something more to the games. These are the two main reasons I started this blog.

I've been looking to start a Cold War Gone Hot game since I read Tom Clancy & Larry Bond's Red Storm Rising. It's a perfect excuse to build, paint and game with the military hardware I had on my wall as a child. A chance to have F-14's from Top Gun engage in dogfights with beautifully designed Su-Flankers and Mig-29's. Having mysterious Black-Ops and Special Forces 'Lase' targets for unseen F-117 Stealth Fighters & B-2 Bombers. As Bradleys & Abrams seen so clearly from the Gulf-War and the BAOR's wonderfully camoflagued Chieftain and Scorpian tanks engage in battle with the rugged T-72, ERA-clad T-80's and BMP's and BTR's.

It would be lots of fun enough to just build, paint and game with the toys once the 'Cold War Gone Hot' scenario book has been released by Ambush Alley games, but better still would be my own unique campaign setting and story that can be recorded on my blog. A grand campaign played on many scales, incorporating Modern Naval Rules designed by my friend, Company level engagements using Force on Force and Crossfire, Dogfighting rules and Brigade sized engagements and Spy-fi games for CIA & KGB agents to conduct their war in the shadows.

The only thing missing for me, is the perfect, historical excuse to start World War 3 and allow the conflict to simmer without anyside taking the Nuclear/ MAD option. This I have decided to keep deliberately vague, along with the year in which this takes place. However, the early 80's will make the most sense.