Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Geezers Royale: Seven minutes to midnight

Good evening, the man you are looking at is Jacque-Jean Nemard,
a millionaire industrialist and financier to the nefarious organization H.A.R.M. He has recently stolen from this country, a specimen of a new and lethal chemical weapon- Drago and kidnapped the world renowned Biochemist, Dr. Fleming.

He is holding London to ransom for £10 million pounds. Unless his demands are met, he plans to fire rockets containing the deadly toxin into London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate Nemard's island base, stop the launch of the Drago missiles and rescue Dr. Fleming.

As always, should you or any member of your UNITY force be caught or killed, the Minister will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.


Ever since I bought my copy of 'Geezers, Shut it!' and the release of the Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang range from Artizan Designs and Copplestone Castings, I've taken an interest in the advertisement promising the release of 'Geezers Royale', after bugging Craig from Killer B games for a year or so, he has very kindly sent me an advanced copy of the rules to run a playtest session with.

As it stands, I plan to run the game with 6 people at the HKSW AGM on the 19th May with a range of 28mm miniatures from Killer B games, Warm Acre, Artizan Designs, Copplestone Castings, Forlorn Hope, Eureka,  Urban Beat miniatures and The Assault Group.

The volcano base will be designed using the base design rules contained in Geezers Royale, the Nefarious organization H.A.R.M will be split into 3 groups:

1) The Evil mastermind, Jacque-Jean Nemard and his No. 2 commanding a private army of minions;
2) The Deadly Irish Assassins backed up by a former KGB Colonel and his team of Spetznaz mercenaries;
3) Femme fatales, Ivana Desire and Lotta Totti and their deadly fembots.

UNITY will also have 3 teams:

1) British MI-6 agent Sir Atherton Smythe;
2) CIA agent Verity Flexible both will be supported by a group of Royal Marine Commandos
3) SAS commander Major Price and his SAS detachment were captured in an earlier operation and are being held hostage, they will need to be rescued or will need to break out of their cell to participate. (In anticipation of any late-comers).

The famous mini-Gryocopter 'Little Nellie' will make a special appearance along with several other surprises [As long as I can get them painted up before the 19th!].