Monday, 20 February 2012

Painting: Sounds like the buggers mean it! (Argentinian Conscripts)

Another quite Sunday with the sniffles and no real motivation for any outdoor activity. (Plus, Mass Effect 3 is not out for another 2 weeks!) 

I had 9 Argentinians by Platoon 20 that had been undercoated with black and a thin dark green basecoat that was just waiting to be painted.

The miniatures are very much inspired by the Argentine miniatures on Sapper Joe's website, like his figures, I prefer my miniatures to be painted in a darker shade. Plus, if you look at the photo (Taken from the Daily Telegraph website) at the top of the page, their coats are mostly dark green. I'll have to paint a few of them in brown though! 
As a basic guide, the figures were Spray painted with a GW Chaos Black undercoat followed by a light spray of Dark green similar to the German Dark Green Camo by Vallejo. 

The flesh areas and are painted with German Camo Dark  Brown, before painted over with a coat of Dark Flesh, a heavy ink wash of Ogryn flesh and a touch up/ drybrush of Sunny skin tone.

The furry buts of the Parka hoods and the flaps on the 'crap hats' are also base coated with German Camo Dark Brown like the faces and hands and then dry bushed with English Uniform.

The rifles, boots and goggles are painted with black and the uniform is given a Green ink wash.

That's pretty much it, I'm thinking about giving the rifles a dry brushing of dark grey.
Also, I know the figures haven't been based, but I couldn't find my PVA glue.

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