Thursday, 23 August 2012

A scenario idea: The Mountbatten Coup

Apologies for a long absence!

Here's a scenario idea inspired by a discussion between Craig Rowlings of Kiler B games and John Daley on the Geezers Shut it! Yahoo discussion group.

The discussion of the alleged Mountbatten plot came up and I thought it would be an easy translation into a 28mm game!  

Scene: A hill overlooking a country estate, two young men, one with short dark hair (Bodie) another with curly dark hair (Doyle). Doyle is sitting in the car, a Mk 3 Ford Capri, looking through a camera fitted with a giant telescopic lens. Bodie is standing outside the driver's side of the car with a pair of army issue binoculars, he is wearing a shoulder holster.

Bodie: This was supposed to be our day off.
Doyle: Yes, but I don't think he really cares about that.
Bodie: So what are we supposed to be looking for?
Doyle: Anything suspicious
Bodie: And what does that look like?
Doyle: I dunno... suspicious...
**Bodie rolls his eyes**
Bodie: You can tell you were a copper.
Doyle: Look, he didn't say much, just that all CI5 agents have their leave cancelled and that he is in an emergency meeting in Whitehall and we are to survey this estate and report back anything suspicious.
Bodie: You think one of the royals are being indiscreet? We could sell the photos and make millions, quit this lark.
**Doyle grins**

A truck pulls up outside the manor, two large, mean looking chaps jump out of the back and unload several large crates and boxes. 

Bodie: Well that looks suspicious

Doyle:  starts to take pictures. One of the workers slip and a crate crashes into the ground, several rocket launchers tumble out.

Bodie: What do you think Mr. Detective?
Doyle: Unless they're hunting a massive fox, that certainly looks suspicious.

Bodie grabs his radio

Bodie: This is Three-Seven, tell Mr. Cowley that we've just spotted something suspicious, very suspicious!

**Cue the music**


  1. Well that brought a smile to my face this morning, a great premise and I just loved the line about a massive fox! :D

  2. Michael, you'll enjoy this as well then, I've pretty much nicked the format, style and banter from here:

    Well, that and having the entire collection of The Professionals