Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Newsflash: Situation in the Republic of Lumbago deteriorates

BBC Newsflash: 8 January 2012- 10:12am GMT

As NATO forces gained a foothold in retaking the capital of Lumbago, which had fallen under rebel control; the political crisis further deepened in the African republic as members of Lumbago's armed forces, including Colonel Bugga-Ul, the commander of the Presidential guard declared their loyalty to General Al-Fasad's "Lumbago Liberation Coalition" and their independence from President Mumbato's Republican government.

Citing recent economic instability, abuses of government powers, accusations of corruption, vote rigging and a growing concern of foreign influence over the development of their nation. They accused Lumbago's political leadership as "aloof, pampered windbags", who were "ignorant and indifferent to the concerns and troubles of the Lumbago people.

At this time, at least half a dozen military bases and outposts in the Republic have declared their allegiance to General Al-Fasad, which amounts to 90% of the country's regular military personnel. 

Members of the Mumbato government have been unavailable for comment at this time, although we expect a news conference to be held as soon as President Mumbato's convoy arrives in Nija Pandomito.


Reuters Newswire Update: 8 January 2012- 12:04pm GMT

L'effluent, Rep. of Lumbago (Reuters)- The President of the Republic of Lumbago, Eric Mumbato, along with his war cabinet, are missing, their convoy were last seen departing L'effluent's city administration building with a Presidential guard platoon and a French Foreign Legion Air Assault Team. So far, they have been unable to contact the President, his Lumbago military escort or the French assault team. A NATO spokesperson refused to rule out the possibility that the President has been captured by rebel forces.       

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